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Do You Really Need a Real Estate Agent?

Technically speaking, in the state of Illinois you do not need a Licensed Realtor to sell your home. Practically speaking, it would be a terrible decision not to use a professional agent for the biggest financial deal of your life. Just because you can, does not mean you should. Would you operate on yourself? I do not think so. The fellow to the right is taking out his own appendix. I am not sure how that turned out for him, but I am sure there is a better way.

When you are talking about a real estate deal that is hundreds of thousands on dollars and you are trying to save 3% of the sale price? It does not make sense. Most likely you are still going to have to pay your buyers agent their side of the commission. So the savings is 3%.

Is the Listing Agent worth 3%? Better question, Am I, worth your 3%? I think you know I am going to say of course. What are you getting for your money? After 10 years in the business I know every deal is different and unique. Real estate is like a snowflake. There are no 2 homes or home owners that exactly alike. So to try to list everything that I do during a transaction is pretty difficult. In general, my duties are everything from the pricing, to managing sellers expectations, staging, showings… all the way to the final walk through and the closing. The transaction is a process that has many moving parts and many people working together. That is why I have surrounded myself with a great group of people. We work as a team.

Real Estate Attorney: Barbara Goodman

Burnet Title Co. : Kim Morry-Perna

Scott Interiors: Scott Kangas

House Calls Inspection: Steve

Vht Photographer: Jim Wallace

Broker: Curtis Hunt, Coldwell Banker

And also you the seller. It is a team effort to sell your place. I am the coach of the team. You are the owner of the team. Have you ever seen a winning team have a winning season with no coach?

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